Top Grossing Movies of 2013

movie popcornWho doesn’t love a great movie? Whether you enjoy an action packed blockbuster or a period romance, a trip to the movies is a fun way to spend a weekend night out with loved ones and friends, escaping from your day to day doldrums and stepping into someone else’s life for a few hours. In 2013, there were plenty of great movies to choose from! From comedies and summer blockbusters, to action and romance, the box office was swarmed with great titles from all film genres. Some were definitely more popular than others, though. Read on for a look at … More

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Top Celebrity Couples of 2013

It’s easy enough to list the highest earning celebrities or the hottest or most powerful.  It’s a bit more interesting to look at which celebrity couples are the best and brightest.  Here’s a look at some of the most successful celebrity couples from 2013, especially those who have had a major impact on society at large.

David & Victoria Beckham

This perennial top couple has been together for almost 16 years and are leaders in the world of fashion and sports. Victoria, who is a beautiful model and a renowned fashionista, has been on almost every magazine cover with new … More

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Las Vegas & Reno on the Big Screen

Of all the cities in Nevada, Las Vegas and Reno are probably the most well-known travel destinations.  Las Vegas especially is a hotspot for entertainment, gaming, food, and fun.  Since the beginning of the motion picture industry they have also been popular filming locations.  Over the years Las Vegas and Reno have provided the backdrop for hundreds of movies.  Naturally, it would be impossible to list them all; however, here is a list of the some of the most popular and recent.

The original Ocean’s Eleven, filmed in 1960, starred Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr., and … More

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Should Actors Study Acting?

Lots of children grow up being encouraged to go to college so that they can get the proper credentials to succeed in their chosen career.  Aspiring actors, however, seem to be in a different situation.  Many are encouraged to study something more practical as a “backup plan” should they fail to build an acting career.  Others are insistent that they will have a better chance of a successful career if they spend two or four — or more — years honing their craft.

acting classIn addition to numerous theater, dramatic arts, and performing arts degree programs in four-year colleges all over … More

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Most Expensive TV Shows to Produce

The most popular television shows in the US bring in millions of dollars in ad revenue, syndication fees, and DVD and digital sales to the studios and networks that own them.  Those figures make it look like studios are rolling in money, but they don’t take into account how much it takes to produce the individual programs.

In reality, most TV shows operate at a loss, at least initially.  A studio (sometimes a network-owned studio) produces the show and sells it to a network for a licensing fee that is usually considerably less than the cost of production.  The average … More

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Leading Racers of 2013

The general public knows the names of American race car drivers like Danica Patrick, Patrick Dempsey, and Dale Earnheardt Jr., but only true race fans know names like Sebastian Vettel, Kyle Busch and Allan McNish.  In the 2013 racing season, these are some of the leading drivers in their respective championship classifications.

Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RacingSebastian Vettel is currently atop the field in Formula One racing. There are seven races left in the 19 race F1 schedule, but Vettel has won more races than anyone else in the first part of the season and is the three-time defending champion in Formula One. The … More

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The Way to Success

sleep is the enemyCustomer service software is more than just a new trend in the business world, it is the means for survival. In the world economy today, businesses are discovering that they must pay attention to every detail. Perhaps this has always been the case for the well motivated and successful companies, however in current times, all business owners are finding out that in order to become and to maintain competitive, customer service is a must.

Tracking customer service in the “old days” meant a tremendous amount of paperwork and man hours. While this could be considered to be an inexpensive option … More


Celebrities Facing Problems

celebrityLittle children dream of being celebrities for two reasons: fame and fortune.  In the digital age where fame can come to cat videos, dreams of making a fortune gain traction.  Unfortunately, celebrity alone doesn’t guarantee a good head for money, leaving many celebrities facing financial problems.

Lauryn Hill

Accomplished singer/songwriter Lauryn Hill is now in the spotlight for her financial problems due to tax evasion.  Hill owes over $1 million in state and federal taxes.  After pleading guilty in 2012 to failure to file taxes, Hill was recently sentenced to three months in federal prison and a $60,000 fine.  Following … More


Tennis Star John McEnroe Gained Media Attention On and Off Court

tennisTennis is a sport that has gained a lot of attention and increased in popularity in recent years. More people are interested in watching professional tennis now than ever before and there are also greater numbers of people playing the sport for their own pleasure as well as a form of exercise. On the professional level, fans are not only interested in the sport itself but have a particular fascination with the players. Professional tennis players are well known for their dynamic personalities and they have often been the subject of media exploitation. Famous personalities of the past like John … More


Celebrity Car Enthusiasm

Everyone loves their car, truck or other automobile. Okay, so we’ll back that up a bit and not make it a blanket statement in absolutes. Many, if not most, people love their automobiles. And with that, another obsession for a lot of people is the type of cars that their favorite celebrities drive. Jesse James is well known for his costume made motorcycles and has enjoyed success with realty television. His West Coast Choppers is now internationally known, though he actually started the company in his mother’s garage in 1992. Meanwhile, he has managed to garner as much notoriety for … More

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