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5 Reasons to Go Back to School

Going back to school is a big decision, and if you are like many people, you probably don’t think you have time for it in your busy life — not to mention the ability to pay for it! But trust me, as someone who has gone back to school as an adult, you will not regret your decision! There are many reasons why you will find it’s worth the challenges to get your degree as an adult — here are just a few.

You’ll have more career choices. Without a degree, you are very limited in your career choices. Many … More

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To Sell or Not to Sell

There are many reasons why people decide to move; perhaps for a change of scenery or a job change or even for family. Regardless of the reason for the change, every homeowner who decides to move must face the question of whether or not to sell. For some there is no question — ¬Ěnot selling is not an option; however with the housing market still a bit unstable, many are finding that easier said than done.

There are many pros and cons for both selling property and renting it out. Selling is often the first choice for many homeowners. If … More


Tips on Buying a Map for the Map Enthusiast

There are many people out there who like maps and choosing the right map of the world to give someone can be hard. Everyone has different tastes and will like a map for different reasons. Some people really only like old maps, enjoying them for the historical significance that they hold. Other people really only want a current map of the world. Every map is different.

One thing you will want to consider when deciding the type of map you will be getting someone is if they want to be able to feel where the mountain ranges are. This is … More


Lawyers for Your Budget and Case

There are a number of reasons that someone might need legal advice. Some of them are simple things such as DUIs or possession of drugs. Other things are more complicated such as assault and battery, or armed robbery. The good thing is that there are a number of law offices with all kinds of defense attorneys. Arizona has a number of law offices like this in which there are various lawyers working in the office, with their own assistants and such, who each specialize in a different area of criminal defense law. If someone was in trouble with the law, … More


Applying Sunscreen Correctly: Tips for Staying Safe This Summer

This guest post written by Terrell Farce.

Most people know that wearing sunscreen in a necessity in the sunshine, however, they do not know how to correctly apply sunscreen. Sunscreen that is not applied correctly can make sunscreen lose its powerful ability to protect skin from UV Radiation. This article will teach you how to correctly apply sunscreen so that you can stay safe this summer.

First, realize that it takes time for sunscreen to kick into action. Since it can take up to 30 minutes for sunscreen to work, you should apply sunscreen to your body about 30 … More

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Prescription Drug Abuse

It can be hard to spot someone who abuses prescription drugs ; mainly because the prescription drug being abused does not necessarily need to be taken on a daily basis. The pattern of abuse may be occasional or habitual. Most prescription abusers don’t even recognize that they are addicted or abusing their prescriptions because of the fact that it’s a prescription drug; a drug prescribed by their doctor. They feel if the drug is prescribed by a doctor, then that gives them a perfect reason to use the drug as often as they see fit and usually more than what … More

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