Monthly Archives: September 2010

Mimicry and Costumes

One of the earliest impulses to develop in human beings is that of mimicry. For all of the fascinating changes that a baby goes through on their way to becoming a toddler, this is perhaps the most complex. The need to look like someone else, or something else, isn’t just a desire that gets enacted at the time of year when people are wearing Halloween costumes , but in fact seems to be much more connected to the very basic instincts.

The reasons for this are perhaps as complicated as the action itself. Wanting to act like something else is … More


Business Websites and Internet Traffic

Businesses are constantly turning to the internet to generate greater consumer traffic and also to keep their name in the mainstream consciousness. Unfortunately, many of these small business owners think that simply developing a web page will do the trick for them and there is actually a lot more to online existence than that. A simple analogy will compare an online website to simply opening a store in real life. Now this does not imply the maintenance needs are the same, it’s referring to the need to draw attention to your site similarly to the fact you would need to … More