Advancements in Home Entertainment

When it comes time to watch a movie, more and more people are choosing to sit down in front of their TVs and pick up their remote controls. These days that is all you need to do to be able to watch the latest movies. Which begs the questions, does anyone even go to the movie theater anymore?

Let’s look at the benefits of watching a movie at home rather than in the theater:

  • Most people’s houses are a lot quieter than your average movie theater. Add that to the convenience of not having to leave the house to watch a movie, and it is easy to see why people are installing home entertainment systems and choosing to stay out of the movie theaters.
  • When watching movies at home on-demand, there is no one blocking anyone else’s view of the screen and no need to struggle to hear the movie because of inconsiderate movie goers making too much noise.
  • Refreshments are readily available and the movie can be paused long enough to grab those refreshments, or take a much needed bathroom break.


When most people move to a new house, the first thing they do is make sure the cable TV is connected and set up their entertainment center. The advancements in home entertainment mean people are watching movies at home more than they ever did before. Technology now allows people to have surround-sound and big screen TVs in their homes. To create the ultimate at home movie experience, industry experts recommend having anywhere from four to six speakers in a home theater. For optimum sound quality, two or three speakers should be placed on either side of the TV and two or three should be placed either to the side of or behind, wherever one chooses to sit to watch a movie, whether that be on a couch or other seat.

There are two different types of surround- sound options to choose from when setting up an at home entertainment system. One is Digital Theater Systems and the other is Dolby Laboratories. Digital Theater Systems carries a whole range of different sound formats called DTS Digital Theater. Dolby Laboratories manufactures such options as Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital.

As more people choose to stay home and watch movies, the demand for elaborate home entertainment centers will increase and movie theater attendance may decrease drastically.

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