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Canada on TV

The attraction of a place usually comes from a unique combination of mysterious and known factors.  For a good long time now, Vancouver has been a remarkable magnet for artists and professionals from all over the globe.  Every day there are new arrivals, looking to rent an apartment and settle in to call this place home, at least for a little while.  Although there are plenty of obvious reasons that the city has such a pull, there are certain indefinable traits that play a larger part.  It may have to do with a Canadian national character, if there can be … More

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8 Well-Known “Green” Celebrities

When the whole “going green” cause first began, all it took was a few celebrities to join the cause and suddenly the movement spread like wildfire. Unlike other trends in Hollywood, this is one that is extremely beneficially. Saving the planet and your health at the same time is something that will remain popular longer than many pop stars careers. (Sorry Miley!) Simply put, “green” is the new celeb must have. Even Paris Hilton says we should all drive electric and hybrid cars and you know if Ms. Hilton says it, it is important! There are a few green celebs … More

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