Celebrities in Drug Rehab

It may seem like celebrities lead a charmed life, and don’t have to face any problems that the rest of us face. While money may make life easier and erase some problems, addiction is a widespread disease that money can’t cure. There is much evidence to support that drug and alcohol addictions may even be hereditary or genetic, like diabetes; so if a celebrity becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, he or she often needs to seek rehabilitation or “rehab.”

Perhaps one of the most famous celebrity rehab trips is that of Amy Winehouse, an English singer and song writer, who famously wrote a song about the issue. Winehouse reported that she spent 15 minutes in a rehabilitation facility, to tell them that she drank because she was in love and had screwed up the relationship and then walked out. And while the catchy tune “Rehab” soared to #9 in Billboard’s Hot 100, and sold more that a million copies, Winehouse’s denial of her addiction eventually ended in her death, due to drug and alcohol overdose.

Lindsay Lohan is another young celebrity who seems to think she does not need rehabilitation, despite numerous drug and alcohol related incidents and arrests. Her refusal to attend additional rehabilitation may stem from family issues, because while Lindsay’s father often tries to convince her to attend additional treatment, each time he does so, he seems to be surrounded by the media. And as the TV show “Celebrity Rehab” has proved – recovery efforts that are filmed, are not always the most successful.

However, not all celebrity rehab stories are failures, it just make take more time and effort than some celebrities are willing to commit to. For instance, back-up quarterback for the Jets, Erik Ainge entered a rehabilitation facility in 2010 for drug and alcohol addiction, and had remained clean ever since. However, this wasn’t his first attempt at getting sober. Ainge went to rehab in 2009, but was drinking and doing drugs again in 2010.  Ainge had been taking drugs since he was 12 years old, and over the years had become addicted to a number of substances, including: marijuana, prescription medications, alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. When he entered rehab after a two-week bender in 2010, he was in fear for his life. But in this second attempt at rehabilitation, Ainge really put in the effort, and has been sober for over 2 years now; the longest period of sobriety for the football player since he was 11.

Other great celebrity rehab success stories include: Robert Downey Jr., sober since 2001; Ben Affleck, also sober since 2011; Eminem, sober since 2005; Jamie Lee Curtis, with more than ten years of sobriety; and Steven Tyler, who first got sober from cocaine and heroin in the 1980s, and since 2009 has been free from his prescription painkiller addiction.

In a world in which celebrities can pretty much obtain whatever they want almost instantly, rehabilitation may be even harder for them than the average citizen, but there are celebrities out there that prove that it can work, if you put the effort in.

Contributed by Chip Newell, an entertainment blogger who also writes about recovery and other health issues.  His work has appeared on entertainment blogs as well as sites like www.drugrehabcomparison.com.

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  1. Jenny

    It’s so sad to see young stars die. RIP Amy Winehouse

  2. No More Paris

    The most annoying celebrity isn’t Paris or even Lindsey…. but former Nickelodeon talent Amanda Bynes. She Tweets the stupidest shit and asks the president to get her out of a DUI. Hollier than tho?

  3. Jan Mysen

    Celebrity rehab is the dumbest show on TV. Don’t get me started on Dr. Drew…

  4. Henry

    I know that fame can sucker people into the stupidest habits, but it’s worse than throwing your money away. You are KILLING yourself.

  5. Olivia

    I’d like to see if we can find a star that IS NOT addicted to drugs.

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