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Hollywood is Ruled by Accountants

Though it appears that the stars who walk the red carpet during award season are the rulers of Hollywood, we will just say that looks are deceiving. It is not the powerful producers either. No, the ruling class of Hollywood is the accountants.

Hollywood accountants are akin to financial magicians, making millions of dollars in profits vanish into lines of numbers, piles of paperwork, and complicated contracts that would make the average worker’s head spin.

Take for example one of the most popular movies of all time – The Return of the Jedi. The budget for the film was … More

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Adele is quickly taking over the Music World

In the age of the pop star, Adele Adkins is an anomaly. Adele doesn’t don provocative meat dresses like Lady Gaga. She does not employ the bounce and glitter of Katy Perry. She does not shimmy the stage in hot pants, or have a bevy of back up dancers, or use large scale theatrical stage productions or any of the other quintessential pop standbys that pepper the Billboard Top 20, and yet, three of the top ten songs are hers.

The lauded British songstress has employed the most subversive gimmick a female pop artist can; she is herself, a … More

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Canada on TV

The attraction of a place usually comes from a unique combination of mysterious and known factors.  For a good long time now, Vancouver has been a remarkable magnet for artists and professionals from all over the globe.  Every day there are new arrivals, looking to rent an apartment and settle in to call this place home, at least for a little while.  Although there are plenty of obvious reasons that the city has such a pull, there are certain indefinable traits that play a larger part.  It may have to do with a Canadian national character, if there can be … More

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Famous Folks From Alabama

Alabama, called “the Heart of Dixie,” is a state that is steeped in the subculture of the Southeastern United States. Quite a few famous Americans were born right here in the middle of the Bible Belt, including Courtney Cox-Arquette, Kate Jackson, Nat King Cole, Paula Poundstone and Jim Nabors.

Kate Jackson is well known for portraying Sabrina Duncan on the popular television program “Charlie’s Angels” in the 1970’s, but she has had a successful career since then. This actress, producer and director was born in Birmingham, called “the magic city” because it appeared almost out of nowhere in 1871, after … More

Russell Brand banned from Japan

Pop singer, Katy Perry, feeling a little lonely on her tour in Japan thought it would be a good idea to invite her husband Russell Brand over to share some quality time in between concerts. Things didn’t exactly work out as planned though, as Brand was detained at the airport and denied entry into Japan. It seems as though Brand has a bit of a criminal history in Japan, which is unsurprising considering his history of wild behavior. Brand was once even public admonished by prime minister of England, Gordon Brown, for the obscene prank calls he made during his … More

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Infamous Tennis Pros offer commentary for French Open

The French gave us the Statue of Liberty, and we’ve given them the gift of John McEnroe. I don’t know whether to apologetic or really proud. The 2011 Roland-Garros French Open kicked off this year yesterday on May 17th and runs until June 5th and promises to be a fierce event. Tennis is an entertaining sport, but I can’t help but wonder how different the French Open would be this year if infamous tennis pro John McEnroe were competing.  McEnroe’s performances on the court were legendary both in skill and attitude, and I would often just watch matches to see … More

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Will Smith’s Gigantic Trailer

Have you seen Will Smith‘s gigantic trailer that he was staying in while filming Men in Black 3? Well an entire block in New York is very familiar with it, because it has been parked in front of their homes for days.  When Smith films a movie he does it in style,  obnoxious style. The kind of style that demands that you have a massive trailer parked on set even if you are renting a $25,000 a month apartment only blocks away. Smith’s trailer for M.I.B. III is 53 feet long and has a whopping 1,150 square feet of … More

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Simon Cowell & The X Factor

Paula Adbul was recently revealed to be the latest judge to join Simon Cowell’s X-Factor. The list of judges for the show now consists of Simon Cowell (of course), Paul Adbul, L.A. Reid, and Cheryl Cole. We’ve missed the dynamic between the obnoxious Simon and innocent Paula ever since the duo went their separate ways during the days of American Idol. There are sure to be plenty of insults flying and tears shed by both the judges and the contestants. Here’s hoping though that Simon just brings his dream-crushing King Kong sized ego along with him.… More

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Top 5 most downloaded free Mac games in 2010

Most gamers have been hit by the recession by having to cut back on their game purchases. Now though free games are a lot more prevalent than they were in the 90’s. A free game in the 90’s only happened when someone threw a cartridge out the window and hit you in the head with it. This is why the Internet is so great for gamers: Mac games download options are nearly everywhere you look.
1. Sauerbraten: is a free first person shooter for available for Mac systems. This game is a lot like Quake Arena or Unreal Tournament. … More


Bristol Palin: Taking Her Message on the Road

Bristol Palin was thrust into the spotlight when her mother, former govenor of Alaska Sarah Palin, ran for vice-president in 2008. The media swarmed when reports that the teen was pregnant were confirmed. However, Bristol has made the most of the situation, becoming an advocate for teen pregnancy and abstinence. It was also recently confirmed that she has signed up with a speaking agency. Her speeches are said to include her views on teen pregnancy and parenthood, life on the campaign trail, and living in the public spotlight. For more of the story visit… More

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