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Shopping for Wine Lovers

There’s an art to buying wine that most people don’t understand. They have a preference for white or red and they may even have a few vineyards and vintages that they know they love. That’s the extent of their knowledge. It can be very intimidating for the average person to have a wine lover on their gift list. The thought of buying an inferior wine or the wrong vintage can install enough anxiety that they give up on the idea of buying wine at all and settle for some other gift.

Giving up is a bad choice. If the desire … More

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The Candy of Your Childhood

Everyone has a favorite candy that makes them think of their childhood. Maybe it’s a special candy bar that they only received on special occasions. Or it might be one of the many penny candies that they were allowed to buy with their allowance at a young age. Encountering an old time candy can quickly send them down memory lane.

Studies have shown that smell and taste are very evocative senses. The taste or smell of something is quickly associated with events and feelings from the past. This is probably a left over instinct that allowed early humans to identify … More

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