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DUI Laws are Determined by States

The Civil War may have ended 150 years ago, but the issue of states rights remains a significant one in the US. In fact, most laws are issued and enforced at the state level rather than dictated by the federal government. This is especially true in the case of drunk driving or DUI Laws.

Each state is responsible for their own road ways and police enforcement. Most have been lobbied over the years by various advocacy groups who called for stricter laws to deter drunk drivers and prevent drinking related accidents. Although alcohol-related accidents are the most popularly depicted and … More


Lawyers for Your Budget and Case

There are a number of reasons that someone might need legal advice. Some of them are simple things such as DUIs or possession of drugs. Other things are more complicated such as assault and battery, or armed robbery. The good thing is that there are a number of law offices with all kinds of defense attorneys. Arizona has a number of law offices like this in which there are various lawyers working in the office, with their own assistants and such, who each specialize in a different area of criminal defense law. If someone was in trouble with the law, … More