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Tennis Star John McEnroe Gained Media Attention On and Off Court

tennisTennis is a sport that has gained a lot of attention and increased in popularity in recent years. More people are interested in watching professional tennis now than ever before and there are also greater numbers of people playing the … Read the rest

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Celebrity Breakdowns: What Can We Learn?


It’s one thing to hear the latest escapades of a superstar turning ugly.  The spectacle of some of the more public breakdowns tends to bring out the voyeur in all of us, and sometimes, the more extreme the behavior, … Read the rest

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Russell Brand banned from Japan

Pop singer, Katy Perry, feeling a little lonely on her tour in Japan thought it would be a good idea to invite her husband Russell Brand over to share some quality time in between concerts. Things didn’t exactly work out … Read the rest

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Infamous Tennis Pros offer commentary for French Open

The French gave us the Statue of Liberty, and we’ve given them the gift of John McEnroe. I don’t know whether to apologetic or really proud. The 2011 Roland-Garros French Open kicked off this year yesterday on May 17th and … Read the rest

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Biebr and Hegenberger

Is Justin Bieber an obnoxious brat? That’s what long time cast member,Marg Helgenberger, of CSI seems to think. Helgenberger was of course speaking about Justin Bieber’s recent CSI guest appearances. She claims in an interview with Le Grand Direct des … Read the rest

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Simon Cowell & The X Factor

Paula Adbul was recently revealed to be the latest judge to join Simon Cowell’s X-Factor. The list of judges for the show now consists of Simon Cowell (of course), Paul Adbul, L.A. Reid, and Cheryl Cole. We’ve missed the dynamic … Read the rest

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Goals and Goal Skills

Learning how to set reachable goals sounds like a very simple task, and one that’s rather complex in trying to put into practice. It’s not that goals become daunting when there’s a map, or that the process itself is difficult, … Read the rest

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