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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival – 2013

Jazz music is an essential aspect of the culture in New Orleans.  The 2013 festival runs from April 26th to May the 5th.   This is no surprise and the city is well known for having some of the greatest jazz clubs and musicians in the world. It was also fundamental in the development of this music genre and establishing it as a major musical force. It is only natural that the city continues to celebrate and honor this great tradition in more ways than support of the clubs. There is an annual festival that attracts the nation’s interest and support … More

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Unusual Personal Injury in Florida

Everything that can happen in Florida probably will, and it will always happen to a friend of a friend. It’s a state that seems unusually prone to the stuff of urban legends, and this is absolutely a part of the charm of being here. There are plenty of ghost stories in every town and city, and these have an interesting way of making the locals a little bit proud to be here. It also makes it one of the most interesting places to visit, certainly, and there is always more than one good reason to come to Florida.

The most … More


Chiles & Water Filters on the Road

Anyone who’s deciding on setting out for a long trip out of the country is faced with a number of interesting challenges. Aside from visas and passports, there is the question of how to pack. Away from the conveniences of home, there are other struggles that will immediately make themselves known. Fresh water is one of the most elemental concerns. Being away from the familiar water filter in the house or apartment might not seem like a big deal, but it can soon turn into one.

Fortunately, most places in the world have a very steady supply of bottled water. … More


Visiting the Big Apple

Everybody dreams of visiting New York City at least once in their life. There’s just too much to see, do, eat, and experience in the city that never sleeps. The mythos of this iconic American city is impossible to pass up in dreams — and it’s those dreams that lead millions of tourists to the city every year.

It is literally impossible to list every possible attraction in the Big Apple. It’s hard to list even the highlights, since this city has more top attractions than any other in the world. From business to sports, from art to music, from … More


Travel Insurance for Work or Study

There are many careers that require people to travel out of their country for extended periods of time and on a regular basis. Archeologists are great example of this and various performers and entertainers as well as writers and athletes can also find themselves in this work structure. These are great examples of people who need visitors insurance on a regular basis and fortunately for them and others there are policies that will serve their needs and cater to their situations.

Travel insurance policies are available in various structures and for different travel plans and needs. Some policies are intended … More


Tips on Buying a Map for the Map Enthusiast

There are many people out there who like maps and choosing the right map of the world to give someone can be hard. Everyone has different tastes and will like a map for different reasons. Some people really only like old maps, enjoying them for the historical significance that they hold. Other people really only want a current map of the world. Every map is different.

One thing you will want to consider when deciding the type of map you will be getting someone is if they want to be able to feel where the mountain ranges are. This is … More